Jun 16, 2010

E3 Orgasm

Well the Big Three's press conferences have come and gone with plenty of ups and downs. Surprises like, Nintendo dumping a steaming pile of games all over and Sony(who I thought was going to impress me the most) not bringing anything I was hoping for.
No shows Last Guardian, Pikimin 3, Demon's Souls 2, Ico/SotC HD pack and Uncharted 3 made me pretty sad. Most of those are long shots but Last Guardian? Come on now!
Twilight Princess' uneasy steps towards the Wind Waker style just seemed weird. I read that it looks that way to pay tribute to 19th century impressionism. Also that(finally) "Skyward Sword" will feature a soundtrack not unlike Mario Galaxy's. Hurray!
Anyways here is a review of a couple of random E3 announcements. Reviewed with facial expressions.(Let me just completely skip the sports stuff to avoid an overflow of negative faces)

Overall I'd say I'm probably going to be taking home a majority of the things I saw on stage over the last 2 days. My wallet is quivering with anticipation.

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