Oct 22, 2009


Backyard kitten is off to his own home! Everyone back to work!

Damn you Maneater!!

Oct 17, 2009

Forget spiders!

Now we have mysterious backyard kitten to look after.

Oct 14, 2009

Kindly old man

I don't know whats going on here.

Oct 13, 2009

Nest noodles

Ha! I found him, now larger than ever after he finished molting in his little nest(the one on the bottom left is a new guy from downstairs) I've been keeping tabs on these spiders all summer. Earlier in the year there was a much larger one in the bathroom that was killed. She turned out to be the mother. Not much longer after that there were tons of tiny ones running around on the ceiling. Lots of them died. As far as I can tell about 5 of them made it to adulthood, keeping watch over various rooms from the ceilings. Now if only they'd kill house centipedes we'd be best friends, but they dominate the floors so they never meet. They also eat spiders. Good thing they're out of season!

Internet slowness makes it impossible to update.

Oct 12, 2009

More space than I need.

A lot more somewhere

oh there

Oct 7, 2009

Blue, Khaki and Green.

Genesis Jurassic Park was annoying and great. Get to play as a raptor? YES! Eat poor compsognathus? Damn right! No face Autum(Grant) with her useless taser gun, smoke nades and darts some how makes it through some pretty crazy stuff. The best part? Screen shaking and thumping sounds followed by a HUGE T-Rex head busting through the wall, eating grant and leaving nothing but a floating hat. And then you beat the game by dropping a skeleton on 2 raptors.

Wait a sec. On closer inspection...

When did they get hats?

Oct 6, 2009

Flee Cowards!

I don't know what this is.

Oct 5, 2009

Is that a cat?

My friend! This little dude is on the ceiling above the bed. I enjoy keeping tabs on my house spiders. He used to be much smaller. I think he went in there to molt and now he appears larger. Maybe that's why he has the safety nest over him. I guess I could just read about it on Wikipedia or something.

Oct 4, 2009

It was a fine day.

This is a story all about how hanging of edges brings victory!
So here's me, cool gas mask wearing pistol russian accent guy.

I had it pretty good up on this balcony safely overlooking the battlefield. Until this nut job with an RPG comes up. He wants to shoot me real bad. But there's not enough space unless he wants to kill himself too! I'm all pro hanging like a monkey(I'm sure if he shot the wall behind me he would have been successful, but he is ANGRY!)

He doesn't like the hanging! Uh oh he got too close!

Down you go!

Down down into a pit of darkness and failure.
I'm sure he'd be upset to know that I took his RPG and when his buddy tried to take my balcony...

... POW! I used it on him.

Screenshots taken in the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta, which is really fun due to the climbing, cover system and fun melee attacks. You can also watch replays of any of your games and then take neato screenshots which allow you to tweak things like; camera tilt, depth of field, fog, lighting, color and more! Look what fun little stories they make too!

Oct 3, 2009

I solved it!

Back from New York and that's seriously the types of hints you pay for in the Professor Layton games. I have yet to see them cause DS snapping rage yet though. I'm glad I went back to the MET, I had forgotten how amazing the statues are there. I've got some pictures around here somewhere ... hmm.