Jun 11, 2010

Autum hate Tanuki

Can't say Autum was too happy with the Tanuki suit. I guess it is somewhat embarrassing.

While I wait for the means to get my commissions from Akon onto my blog, I will mention that I finally, after 20 years, completed Mario Bros 3. Completed every level in every world that I could see on the map. I played this game to death when I was younger. Trying to remember if I beat it or not ...and I can't. I know I used to flutes to skip most of the game and the P power to skip most of the final levels. Not sure if I beat Bowser though.

In any case, now it is complete!

Apparently Autum is not fond of the frog suit either. Maybe its because you look like you're being eaten when you wear it. She is not a Vorarephile.

Damn, did she like any of the new power ups?

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