May 14, 2012

Dwarf Dump

Oh sweet mother, new blog posting layout. Neato!

Time to dump some of the released stuff from the soon(never) to be titled 'dwarf game' I've been fussing over.

My job is DO ALL ART. Character art/designs, environments, effects, sounds, UI AND music(somehow). Everything I've done so far was pretty much just to make sure the concept worked. Its as if we're planning on making a 3 course meal and so far we only have plates.

So, yes what does that look like? Well first we have the general direction for the dwarfs...dwarves...dwarfs? Enemies and some items for fun:

I don't even feel like I've established a set style to work with yet but its coming along. 
Then there's environments and UI:

That's not exactly what the game will look like, since we have a fun little lighting engine that might make it look a little more like this:

Scary! I hope.
After designing a bunch of enemies, I realized that the style they were in did not match that of the dorfs(usually what we call them). So I decided to change the dorfs to fit. Here we have dwarf version 0.021:

Not sure why the nose got bigger. Probably a bug.
Once we had the animation program working(nearly) I got a chance to bang out some quick(sloppy) animations. I'm pretty damn rusty!(it's been 6 years) I did a rough animation for a dwarf and an enemy to make sure everything worked:

Love those bounding boxes! He used to have a penis got really cold out. You know how it is. 
The deadsack may be a bit gruesome for the game but I just had to give it a try. It also showed me some of the editors limitations. I'm going to have to be clever(cheap) and work around them.

Next was the particle editor...OOOH EFFECTS! This was purely trial and error, I had no idea what I was doing. It pretty much amounted to drawing random shapes in photoshop and then fiddling with the 600 sliders in the editor. But I did create fire! So I figure I'm about as skilled as Tom Hanks:

Next will be the level editor. That will be a post in of its self!