Aug 29, 2009


So I went to a restaurant called Onoir( today. The theme is ... you eat as if you are Blind! You eat in a room completely devoid of light. You never see your surroundings or your meal or the other people eating in the room with you(besides those you came with of course) The point is the food's flavor and texture are supposed to be that much better when your eyes arent being used. Its hard to say if this was true because the food was so damn good anyways. Here's some pictures of my 3 course meal.

Here you can see my "Grilled portobello mushroom with parmigiano shavings, and balsamic vinegar" It was amazing and fun trying to fork what I could not see. I ended up eating most of it with my hands.

This is the "Five spice fillet mignon served with potatoes and asparagus." Damn that was some juicey fillet mignon, medium rare as always. The fun part of this is when I tried to eat the asparagus I accidentally stuck it up my nose.

And finally the desert! "Dark chocolate mousse with raspberry" So good and a great ending to my meal. I love dark chocolate mousse!
All their servers were actually blind which was pretty interesting too. I also found out my watch hands glow in the dark! I had to hide it in my pocket because, yes, the room was just that Dark that tiny glowing watch hands were a distraction. I found the darkness to be comforting and would definately go again.

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