Apr 29, 2010

Turkey, needles and boots with a view

More themed sketches.

Food and Eating! I did an umbilical cord eating...a baby...turkey head. Sorta like how some animals which come from eggs will have a little nutrient sack to feed off of. In this case its a turkey head.

Zombie dog! Um. This is more of a zombie seeing eye dog. Sort of stitched together with whats left of the blind owner and attached to a wheel chair. The other dog is from a nightmare I once had which had little dogs with no heads. Instead their flesh was stretched over a sewing needle.

Shoes and boots! And because everyone got used to me drawing nasty weird things, I made a boot house. A fine boot house really. One I'd be proud to live in and call home. Maybe it's a boot cottage.

Now for fun, for all of these themed sketches, guess which were chosen by girls and which were chosen by guys.

Hold the phone...my font color changed.

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