Sep 22, 2009

Old School Scribbles

All over my school notes! I wish I had them here so I could scan them. They are elsewhere. The main one there, Happy Skull or Felix Kaput, originated from me not understanding that the little dude in halloween land from Super Mario World 2, was a hockey mask. Not a skull with a knife in it. Then me being me had a story(on my french notes) where the knife was removed and he became happy skull. Then inspired by a combination of a goomba from Mario and carbuncle from Puyo Puyo, I made Goosh, Happy's side kick( and some story about him being an evil goomba, getting stepped on and becoming a microbrained giddy sponge thing) Then there's tank man(inspired by an old dos Tank game which later became scorched earth) and old school Immp. I think there was a foul mouthed snow man too.
Pretty lame stuff but it was either this or Super Mario Land 2 Fire Autum, and that's just embarrassing.

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