Sep 13, 2009

It cannot be helped

Muramasa the Demon Blade. Now there is a pretty game. Painting in motion is correct. My sketching up there does it little justice. Akihime ... ahem...I mean Autum would probably fit nicely into that world. She is a bit meaner than Momohime. Look she kicked out all the monkeys after they so kindly lead her to the steam bath.
Boss battles are great, combat feels great everything looks nice, fun sword forging system, great music. Whats there to complain about? Ok two things maybe. I kind of wish the sub-areas didn't have to load and could be seamless instead. This would make it less obvious how often they reuse the beautiful backgrounds. I haven't gone completely through the game yet but I feel I've seen all the normal enemies the game has to offer. There's higher level versions but they don't even have recolors or anything. But again I have no idea how far I am from the end.

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