Sep 10, 2010

You don't have half of the map to this.

*Spoilers ahead! If you actually believe Monster Hunter can be spoiled*

Boy oh boy, that last boss. Giant leviathan elder dragon. Ceadeus! He sure beats Lao Shan Lung in epicness. A huge lumbering dragon slowly walking down a canyon towards a city wall with some defenses. Pfft.
I'd rather have my giant, elegant, horned whale, gliding through massive underwater caves lit by thin beams of light from above. It was incredibly surreal. Helped mainly by the music. And in the end he actually fights you, all the while some track, reminiscent of Ghost in the Shell, plays in the background. Either way it was a great "final" boss.

I really should add in Cha-cha to the right to balance this thing's composition out but just having the one character fits the feel much better.

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