Oct 4, 2009

It was a fine day.

This is a story all about how hanging of edges brings victory!
So here's me, cool gas mask wearing pistol russian accent guy.

I had it pretty good up on this balcony safely overlooking the battlefield. Until this nut job with an RPG comes up. He wants to shoot me real bad. But there's not enough space unless he wants to kill himself too! I'm all pro hanging like a monkey(I'm sure if he shot the wall behind me he would have been successful, but he is ANGRY!)

He doesn't like the hanging! Uh oh he got too close!

Down you go!

Down down into a pit of darkness and failure.
I'm sure he'd be upset to know that I took his RPG and when his buddy tried to take my balcony...

... POW! I used it on him.

Screenshots taken in the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta, which is really fun due to the climbing, cover system and fun melee attacks. You can also watch replays of any of your games and then take neato screenshots which allow you to tweak things like; camera tilt, depth of field, fog, lighting, color and more! Look what fun little stories they make too!

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