Jul 28, 2009

Prints '09

In the many attempts on prints this summer I managed to finish 3. I had a Persona 4, Valkyria Chronicles, L4D survivors and a few others that just didn't make it.

The L4D one I already addressed issues I had with it. Damn that smoker looking so fine compared to the rest of his crew. What a douche. Originally this was going to have the survivors in the foreground and the SI crew behind them under a single super high contrast light source. That might have been messy!

Last year and this year I asked some shadow of the colossus fans which colossus they'd like to see me do most. Mostly I heard colossus 5 and colossus 13. I went with 5 because...............
I FELT LIKE IT. At the time. I wanted to do an awesome skewed perspective from the tip of the wing, oh my god epic. BUT it didn't really fit with the look of my past SotC prints. So there it is. Originally this had the birdy much deeper in fog so it was almost a silhouette as to suggest...Oh crap Wander! Look out its coming to get you! And he can't see it. But that looked way too boring and simple and the sense of scale just wasn't there.

Naruto! Did this back when the sage mode and 6 tails manga had just been translated. Fresh stuff! Now its so passe with the 8 tails and all. Oh well. I think the 6 tails looks cooler. Wait did they skip 7 tails? I don't remember. I was gonna squeeze Pain in on this but where the hell would he go? I had a lot of fun painting the skull too much maybe because the rest of the painting bored me to tears. Maybe I should paint more skeletons. Actually scratch that...bones...way too many bones. Just skulls.

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